Honoring Those Who Got You There

La Posta

How does your organization show tribute to those that have passed away?
While traveling from Texas to Arizona for my 40th high school reunion, we stopped to spend the night in Las Cruces New Mexico.

I asked the front desk clerk where we could find a local restaurant, not a chain. He immediately suggested a place called La Posta. He said we would have to drive but it would be worth it.

So my wife and I freshened up a bit and then got back in the car, just what you want to do after driving eight hours, and went to check it out.

We were amazed with the heritage not only of this restaurant but of the town itself. The restaurant has been in continuous operation for over 83 years and it is still being run by members of the same family. In today’s day and age that is absolutely incredible.

They are serving the same food, from the same recipes, that have been handed down from generation to generation.

What impressed me the most though were the portraits on the wall in one of the hallways. These portraits were of past employees who passed away. It described not only their life but what their contribution was to the organization that was and is La Posta.

So what did I learn from this adventure?

👉 Honor those that joined you on the journey.

👉 When it works don’t change it.

👉 Recognize your history and be proud of it.

👉Keep tradition alive.

So if you’re ever traveling down Interstate 10 in New Mexico and you want to see the steps in action, take the Avenida de Masilla exit and allow yourself to experience it.

Check out their story yourself here: https://lnkd.in/gMz5eKtz

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