Have You Ever Wondered Why?


Have you ever wondered, why?
Like most kids, “why” was one of my favorite words growing up. I would be told do to something and immediately ask why. The typical response from my father was something like, “because I said so, that’s why!”

Immediately, he would take my question of why as if I was challenging his authority. Now granted, there may have been times that was the case, but I think the real reason I asked was that I was looking to understand.

Have you ever been asked “why?”

Does it make you feel like my dad did or do you just brush it off?

Would you believe me if I told you the reason people ask why is because of the why we communicate?

Let me demonstrate what I mean.

👉 Conversation one:
Parent: Go clean the dogs mess in the yard.

Kid: Why?

Parent: Because I said so.

👉 Conversation two:
Parent: Hey son, we are having company this afternoon and we will be outside most of the day. I need you to go clean the dogs mess in the yard.

Kid: Ok

Conversation two left no room for the why response.

So how does this play into work?

👉 A leader needs to be clear with what they need accomplished.

👉 A leader should never assume they are understood. Confirm that you are.

👉 A leader needs to provide proper guidance without micromanaging.

At the end of the day, so much drama and misunderstandings can be avoided with good communication.

Take responsibility as a leader and learn how to communicate properly.

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Photo credit Volodymyr Hryshchenko on Unsplash