Have You Ever Jumped On The Bandwagon?


Have you ever jumped on the bandwagon?
You know, where somebody else comes up with a topic and then someone else writes about it, then another and another and another until you yourself do it?

Today is a day of celebration 🎊 🎉
I’m throwing my two cents in on all the pitch slapping that’s going on.

I have developed an extremely complex step to combat this rude behavior.

Once I revel it to you, I am certain you will be shocked and amazed.

Some of you will try it, others won’t. In fact you will keep on writing about pitch slapping and how we need to be better at selling on LinkedIn.

I don’t disagree with any of you. Pitch Slapping is real and if you are active on LinkedIn you will not be immune to it. It’s going to happen.

Before I share with you what I do, let me ask you a question.

➡️ What causes you to engage the services of others on LinkedIn? ⬅️

✅ Do you like what they write?

✅ Do they provide ideas that you can immediately use to increase your business?

✅ Do you engage because it increases your exposure with the ever changing algorithm?

Now if their posts are done correctly all of the above can happen for you with no pitch slapping taking place. (That’s a good thing people.)

But if you don’t engage or seek to build relationships with others, why are you here?

Are you just waiting to be pitch slapped?

We have all been exposed to these unethical sellers of their wares. Pitch slapping is getting worse and doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon. But I do have the solution.

Are you still with me? Good.

When you receive the request to connect, and you, bring the good person you are, accept the connection, just be prepared for the slap, it’s coming.

Ok here is what you have been waiting for. The complex step that you can take to rid your life of the damage pitch slapping causes.

Here it is, it’s hard, are you ready?

👉 I ignore them.

If you don’t engage they stop.

BOOM 🤯 Mind blowing concept I know.

Here’s to a future of peace and harmony. To a future when pitch slapping gets regulated and those violators get fined.

May it go by the wayside of cold called and spam.

Have a great day my friends and you can thank me for the hours of your time that my complex tip has given you back.

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Photo credit Jen Theodore on Unsplash