Have You Ever Been Called Out?


Have you ever been called out?
In a recent article I wrote, my intention was to enlighten the reader to be original with their stories, don’t just copy someone else’s and post it as your own. You can read the article here: https://lnkd.in/gF-2vvpZ

I had not thought about the unintended consequences that could or would result from the article.

I took the reader on a journey with a very interesting story to make my point BUT in my transparency at the end, I revealed that I made the story up.

Now again, the point was to not use someone else’s material as your own. I proved that point by writing the story as if I experienced it myself.

What I failed to realize is that in making this point, I went against one of my personal tenets. “Authentic Leadership.”

This friend pointed out the mixed message with my words. I claim authentic leadership but here I clearly said “the story isn’t true, I made it up.”

Being called out for this mixed message made me think.

👉 If he felt that way, who else may have felt that same thing?

👉 Was this just a one-off or do my other posts send a mixed message?

👉 What can I do to assure this never happens again?

👉 Do I get upset about this or do I confront it head on?

I could have been upset with him and just blown it off but that’s not who I am. I want to be better, do better, learn.

So I chose to look at it through his eyes.

Believe me it is difficult to take this step. You have to be willing to admit to yourself that you messed up.

Here is why I chose this route: I know his heart.

❤️ It was one of love and grace.

He knew my intent, but because of our kindred spirit, he felt obligated, to bring it to my attention. Wow!

So what now, what lesson can I share with you?

➡️ If you say you are something, BE IT!

➡️ When others enlighten you, EMBRACE IT!

➡️ If you make a mistake, LEARN FROM IT!

➡️ In all things be GRATEFUL!

So to the man who loves what he does, who lives out his passion daily, who calls us all to live a life of gratitude, I thank you Kevin Monroe, for caring enough about someone else and the message they are sending. I am forever greatful.

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