Does Change Affect You?


Does change affect you?
They say the more things change, the more they stay the same. At least there are songs about that.

I had the opportunity to attend my 40th high school reunion over the weekend. This is the first one I have ever gone to. My wife and I drove two days to get there with only one “out of the way” side trip. (I’ll write about that later)

What I found was most interesting is, although many of us “changed” over time, we were still the same.

I loved that my wife was able to meet the friends I grew up with and fit right in with them. I was able to meet their spouses and we all just had a good time.

This gave me a thought about large companies that have several locations throughout the country or the world.

➡️ How could a reunion like this be helpful with overall productivity and camaraderie?

Here is what I came up with.

👉 Putting a name to a face enhances the relationship and let’s both parties realize they are dealing with a real person.

👉 It could stop a team from looking at others as competitors and more like the teammates they really are.

👉 It enhances loyalty because of the fun that can be held.

👉 When it’s over you can’t stop thinking about planning the next one.

✅ How about you?

✅ Does your company hold reunion type events?

✅ What benefits of these events can you see?

Oh yea, we also won two prizes of those attending.

🎉 Traveled the furthest and married the longest!

Looking forward to the next one!