Do you Want To Make A Difference?

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Do you want to make a difference?
Sure you do, everyone does in one way or another. Unfortunately, some just can’t get off center.

They live in the fantasy of firsts.

➡️ First a big idea no one else has
➡️ First make enough money
➡️ First be old enough
➡️ First be made partner
➡️ First …………..

None of this is true. If you want to make a difference you just need to start.

👉 Start small right where you are.
If you learn to really listen to others, you will hear a void that you can fill. Your story, your experiences will prove to be valuable.

👉 Start with what you are good at.
Everyone of us has something we are really good at. John Maxwell refers to this as “your one thing.” Find yours and develop it.

👉 Start filtering your words.
Eliminate bad words from your vocabulary. Words like can’t, won’t, never. Replace them with can, will and always. (Want some more information on this? Check out Jane Lehman and this post here. )

👉 Start small.
Every BIG thing started small. The key is just to start.

Want to be a difference maker? Believe in yourself, believe in those around you and believe in what your goal is.

Now go and make a difference today, I just did for somebody.

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