Do You Have Vision ADD?


Do you have vision ADD?
While driving yesterday I listened to the most recent Maxwell Leadership Podcast, “Transferring The Vision To The Heart And The Head.” You can find it here:

The hosts, Mark Cole and TRACI MORROW were dissecting John’s talk on vision.

Traci asked the question, “what happens when a leader has vision ADD?”

She clarified vision ADD as “ they’re going this way with this direction and then they either read something or they learn something new and then they take the vision in a different direction and it leaves their people whiplashed almost where the vision is continually changing based on what the leader is learning or is growing in a certain area.”


I literally came to a complete stop 🛑 when I heard that. (Well it was a construction zone so I had to but the timing was unreal.)

This is me, she was talking about me. Planning, sticking to the plan rocking along and then a new idea, a new concept, change the sails, go another way.

How about you? Have you ever changed your vision mid-course after learning something new?

Guess what?

It’s not unusual for leaders to have vision ADD. If you were honest with yourself you probably said yes anyway.

Mark chimed in and said he views vision ADD as more of opportunity ADD.

👉 A leader is always looking for new opportunities.

👉 A leader can see things “vision” that others can’t see.

👉 A leader can convey the new vision and as Mark said, “Connect the dots between the new vision and the old”

Go listen to the podcast for more great ideas on how to handle those squirrel moments and change your vision ADD to opportunity ADD.

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