Can You Spot Opportunity?


Can you spot opportunity?
Do you see it when it is right in front of you?

Many people miss opportunities because they are focused on themselves and not those standing right in front of them.

We need to be “looking for opportunities” wherever we are so when it comes knocking, we can answer the door.

When it comes to looking for them, here are a few things you can do.

👉 Listen to understand.
When having a conversation, if you are listening to respond you will miss the buying signals that are being shared.

👉 Ask good questions.
Good questions will bring out responses that can lead to buying opportunities.

👉 Be clear on what you do.
The better you are at explaining what you do, the easier it is for “buyers” to chose you.

👉 Create your own opportunities, become a door builder.
Comedian Milton Berle said “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”

Opportunity is everywhere around us. Be diligent in listening for it, looking for it and ceasing it when you find it.
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Photo credit Dylan McLeod on Unsplash