Are You Really Ready?


Are you really ready?
Some of you will say,”for what” or “it depends.” Which I would say your answer is no.

It’s that time of the year when almost everyone is telling you to start planning for next year. It’s literally everywhere.

I myself have started some preliminary planning and will finalize everything the week between Christmas and New Years as I do every year.

But my question runs deeper than just planning. Are you ready encompasses all aspects of your life, work and non-work.

This are you ready question looks at the things most of us don’t think about. This “are you ready” is comprised of answers to “what if” scenarios.

👉 “What if the power goes out?”

👉 “What if my business gets sued?”

👉 “What if I have no income?”

👉 “What if I died?”

Stop beating your head against the wall. Start adding contingency planning to your normal business planning and life planning. This is often overlooked.

This year, when you do your planning, or if you have already done your plan and have not added these types of scenarios, make sure you do.

Answering the “what if’s” can lower your stress levels and help provide a way that you can continue on with little to no interruption in business and life.

What are your thoughts? Do you already do this? What are some of your “what if’s?”

Share your thoughts below.
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