Are You Ready?


Are you ready?
Thursday starts the last month of 2022. The last push of the year, the last chance to “hit your goals”, the last chance to make it.

It’s not just business though, the holiday season has been proven to be more stressful for people than any other time of the year.

Here are some ideas on how to deal with the added stress.

👉 Understand Your Struggles

Reflect on what sets you off during the holidays. Financial stress, family dynamics, gifts. Then figure out how deal with that stress.

👉 Be Thankful; Have an Attitude of Gratitude

Try writing down everything you are thankful for. The more you read the list the more grateful you become.

👉 Don’t bottle it up

When you’re frustrated vent. Find someone that you can trust and let loose. If you can’t find someone write your frustrations out. The point is to just vocalize them instead of keeping them inside.

👉 Get rest

Making sleep and rest a priority is good advice all year long but it’s especially important during the holidays.

Going into this final month of the year doesn’t have to be filled with stress and worry. Take the steps necessary to bring joy into the season and reduce the anxiety and stress.

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