Are You A Light On A Hill?


Are you a light on a hill?
Much of the world, followers of Jesus and not, are familiar with the scripture that says “You are the light of the world, a town built on a hill cannot be hidden”
Matthew 5:14

The premise of this verse is when one has the light of Jesus in them, they can be seen even when they are far away, bringing light into the darkness.

By the worlds standards, we are encouraged to not incorporate our faith with our work. The world says that it might offend someone that doesn’t share our beliefs.

I think the world has it wrong. We are all free to choose what we want to believe and who we want to believe in or to not believe in anything at all. The offense comes when we are no longer civil with each other and try to force our beliefs on others.

I share with others glimpses of leadership that I see in the scriptures. This is to encourage those who want to incorporate their faith at work and are looking for ways to do that.

So, what are some things as leaders we can learn from this scripture today?

👉 It’s His light, not ours. We do not produce our own light. The light others see in us is the light of Jesus. It is given to us for His glory. (Leader, it’s not about you)

👉 He picked us. God loves us so much that He picked us to have His light shine through us. We can’t do anything to earn this responsibility. (Leader He chose you for such a time as this)

👉 Let is shine. We are told to not hide His light from the world. The world we live in is filled with darkness, His light will pierce the darkness and we can shine brightly for Him. (Leader, do not fear incorporating your faith)

👉 Do not fear the darkness. As long as the light of Jesus shines (it will never dim) we can overcome the darkness. (Leader, when things seem their worst, remember it’s only a season)

👉 Your path will be made clear. Even when things in your life seem overwhelming, His light will show you the way. (Leader, if you are following His will, your path will be visible)

👉 It’s not about you. This light has been given to us so we can show others about Him. It’s not to make us look good but rather to bring all attention to Him. (Leader, acknowledge your team and lead them well)

Stop listening to the world. If you are a believer you have a higher authority to listen to. If you’re not a follower of Christ, that’s ok too, the lessons are still valid.

Now go, shine your light.

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